Party/Wedding Reception Games

Pick Up

  • The object of this game is simple: Be the first to pick up the prize. Have all the players link arms at the elbow and form a circle, everyone should be facing outward. Place a $10 bill in the center of the circle. That’s it. The first person to pick up the prize gets to keep it. The only rule is you must keep your arms linked in the circle.

Bite the Bag

  • This fun party game is Hilarious! It is played the opposite of the traditional limbo game. Players place their hands behind their backs and take turns reaching down to pick up a brown paper sack with nothing but their mouth. After every round you cut off or fold down another inch or so from the bag. THE RULES: simple, nothing but your mouth can be used to pick up the box and nothing but your feet can touch the floor. If a player breaks a rule they are out of the competition. To make it harder some people play where you have to be holding one foot off the ground while you "bite the bag". Other people have also used empty cereal boxes to play this game if they could not find a brown paper sack.

Wedding Reception Dollar Dance

  • Perhaps the most beloved of fun wedding dance games is the dollar dance. What started as a traditional dance in Poland has become a favorite way of having fun and giving the bride and groom a little financial support for their new life. Guests present the bride and groom with dollar bills, which can be pinned on their outfits, and then dance one song with one of the members of the bridal party. This gives guests the chance to get to know each other and wish the couple a happy future.

Blindfold the Bride

  • This interesting wedding dance game involves the five senses. The bride is blindfolded and spun around and then must find her groom by feeling the faces of the groomsmen, who form a line in front of the bridal table. As the bride feels her way to her mate, she feels the faces of each man with her hands while guests shout out "getting warmer" or "getting cooler," which helps her find her true love. Once she finds her groom, the bride dances with him to the delight of wedding guests. This makes guests feel as if they had something to do with getting the lovely couple together in a hilarious way

Dancing by the Numbers

  • This wedding dance game requires a little preparation but is loads of fun. After all the food and drinks have been served and the bride and groom dance their traditional dances with family members, it's time to get the party started. The DJ tells guests to look under their placemats for a number from one to five. Then he calls out the number randomly and all the guests with that number must get on the dance floor and participate in a silly dance such as the chicken dance, the Macarena or the hokey pokey.

Find the Clothespins

  • Before the game begins the bride is blindfolded and then told to stand in the middle of the dance floor. The groom is then covered in a pre-determined number of clothespins in hard to find places, but nothing risque. For example, one clothespin could be clipped to the inside of the groom's tuxedo jacket and another could be attached to the back of his pants just above his knee. The bride is only told the number of pins to find and that the pins could be anywhere on the groom, with the emphasis on the word anywhere. Spin the bride around a few times, start some suggestive music and then let the groom approach the bride to allow her to find all of the clothespins. Just before the bride takes off her blindfold, exchange out the groom with another male guest, just to see her reaction.

Bride and Groom Trivia

  • This game puts the bride and groom in the spotlight with the DJ acting as a game show host. The bridesmaids must create 10 trivia questions about the bride that the groom may not know, and the groomsmen must create 10 trivia questions about the groom that the bride may not know. Avoid anything that may destroy a marriage before it even gets started, and also keep in mind that most wedding receptions are all-ages events and that the questions should be family friendly. Then sit the bride and the groom in the middle of the dance floor and play Bride and Groom Trivia. Whichever one gets the most questions about the other right wins. The best way to do it is alternate questions between the bride and the groom. Continue playing until all 20 questions are asked, even if the bride or the groom has obviously won before the 20 questions are done.

R-N-B SOUNDS Kissing Games Ideas

  1. Sing a Song MC can announce- If you want to see the Bride and Groom kiss, you or your table must stand and sing a song with love in it. (Most popular because it works and crowds love it!)

  2. Hershey’s Kisses- ( Client to provide Kisses and Bag ) Get a bag and fill it with 2 differentcolours of Hershey’s Kisses. The guests are invited to come up and select a kiss from the bag. If they select a (silver) kiss the Bride and Groom will kiss, and if they select a (red) one the guests must go back and kiss someone from their table. The MC or DJ can announce this game.

  3. Marriage Advice- Invite the guests to come to the microphone and give a piece of wedding advice to get the Bride and Groom to kiss.

  4. Kissing Die- this is an over-size 6-sided die. Two of the sides have lips on them, the other four sides have numbers from one to four. The DJ or MC can announce this game. There are variations on the result of the roll...
    a- If the die lands on a lips, the B+G will kiss, if it lands on a number the guests goes back and kisses someone from their table
    b- If the die lands on a number, the Bride and Groom will kiss for that # of seconds, if it lands on a lips, the guest goes back and kisses someone from their table
    c- If the die lands on a lips, the Bride and Groom will kiss, if it lands on a number, the guest goes back to the table, counts the same number of seats to their left and kisses the guest sitting in that chair.

  5. Demonstration- The MC or DJ can announce this game. Simply announce that in order to get the Bride and Groom to kiss, a couple in the group must come up in front of the head table and give a demonstration of how they want the Bride and Groom to kiss, the Bride and Groom must copy it!

  6. Trivia Game- Usually handled by the MC, the DJ can announce it too. The Bride and Groom make up a list of 25 or so trivia questions about them, write them on separate pieces of paper and put them in a gift bag or box at the podium or head table, or make up envelopes with one question each and place one on each table. The guests are invited to read and answer them…If they get the question right, the Bride and Groom will kiss, if they get it wrong, either nothing happens, or the guests must suffer a consequence like kissing someone at their table, or coming to the dance floor to perform a dance of the DJ’s choosing! Example questions:
    a- Guess the Bride and Groom’s middle names (if any).
    b- What date did the Bride and Groom get engaged?
    c- Where are the Bride and Groom going on their Honeymoon?
    d- Where did the Bride or Groom go to High School?

  7. DONATION OF MONEY TO A CHARITY - Select your favorite charity. If the crowd wants you to kiss, they have to make a donation (the bigger the donation the better and longer the kiss).

  8. Use a hula hoop. Tell people that they have to hula for 30 seconds to make you kiss. This will also make for some great photo ops!

  9. Remember that beanbag toss game you had when you were a kid? Still have it around? If not you can make one, take a piece of plywood cut holes in it, paint it up nicely and decorate it. Now you can label the different holes with things like “Bride & Groom Kiss”, “You must kiss someone from the Head Table” Bride & Groom kiss You”, etc. You can even have them toss a Loonie or Toonie and have all the monies collected go to your favorite charity.

  10. ICEBREAKER - SHARE THE WORK. Instead of having the Bride and Groom kiss all the time, have all the couples names that are in attendance in a jar, have the Bride and Groom draw a couples name and have that couple kiss (We have also seen this done where everyone's name that is in attendance is put in the jar, this can lead to some awkward situations if you pull out 2 peoples names that are no longer a couple). That is why we suggest only couples names in the jar.

  11. Kissing Dice- This dice has 6 sides, on two of the sides there are two huge lips and the other for sides are numbered 1-4. Your guest rolls the big dice, if it lands on the lips, the bride and groom kiss. If it lands on 1, 2, 3 or 4 you guest will pick from the penalty box and have to perform that action. Once they do this, then the bride and groom kiss. There are other variations of penalties instead of the “penalty box” such as whatever number it lands on, your guest has to kiss that many people, or do that many pushups etc. Here are the list of penalties that are in the “penalty box” but remember that we add more as we think of them so there may be more when your wedding comes around. That being said, if you think of a penalty for your wedding or want it added to the box, let us know and we will be happy to add it.
    Toast the Bride or Groom Make an animal sound
    Do the Macarena Do the Bird Dance
    Best impersonation of the Bride or Groom
    Best Elvis Impersonation
    Strike a Pose Do the Y.M.C.A
    Do the Hula Hoop Do the Twist
    You kiss the Bride & Groom Skipping

  12. Skipping Rope- This game is also self explanatory but not so easy. There will be skipping ropes beside the podium or head table and you guests will have to skip in order for you to kiss.


  • Christmas Theme Weddings:
    • Have your guests get up and sing a song and make lyrics to, “On the first day of marriage, my true love gave to me…”
    • Choose any Christmas song and change the words to reflect on the wedding day. For example: “We wish you a merry wedding…and a happy honeymoon”
    • Have small boxes wrapped in Christmas paper on each table. Inside is an action that the guest or table must perform. For example, sing a Christmas carol, give wedding advice, show the bride and groom how to kiss, answer a trivia question, etc. If they succeed, the bride and groom will kiss, if they fail, the MC chooses who the guest must kiss.
    • Guests come up and say what they want for Christmas from “Santa”!

    Halloween Theme Weddings:
    • Instead of “Trick or Treat”, the guest must do a trick in order for the bride and groom to kiss, this is their treat!
    • Jack-o-Lantern! Have 5 or so small pumpkins already gutted and carving knives on the table. If the guest can carve a Jack-o-Lantern face into the pumpkin in the allotted time, the bride and groom must kiss. If not, the MC chooses who the guest must kiss… and they have to take their pumpkin home!
    • Have a Halloween Costume setup in the middle of the dance floor. If a guest is daring enough to try, then they must come up and attempt to put on the costume in an allotted amount of time. If they succeed, the bride and groom will kiss, if they fail, the MC chooses who the guest must kiss.

    Thanksgiving Theme Ideas:
    • Come up to the microphone and say something you are thankful for.

    Medieval Wedding:
    • Make up a poem in “Shakespearian” Speech and read it to the crowd.

    Easter Theme:
    • Place small Easter Eggs containers in the centerpieces on the table. Inside the egg will be a trivia question about the bride and groom. If the guest or table gets it right then the bride and groom have to kiss, if not, the gust must kiss someone that the bride and groom choose for them!

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